Why An EPDM Roof Is A Good Choice For Your Commercial Building

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Why An EPDM Roof Is A Good Choice For Your Commercial Building

12 December 2015
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If you're planning a new building for your commercial operation, one thing you have to consider is the type of roof you'll install. Since commercial buildings are usually large and have flat or low-slope roofs, a typical shingle roof is not suitable. Instead, you may want to consider an EPDM roof. This is a rubber material made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomer. Here's why it's a good choice for commercial buildings.

Prevents Water Leaks

EPDM is a waterproof material. In addition to being used for roofing, it is also used in underwater applications, such as pond lining. The roofing material comes in long sheets that are joined together. The seams are sealed with adhesive and tape, so there is no possibility of water leaking once the adhesive has cured. Once your EPDM roof is installed, you'll have a solid rubber coating on your roof that maintains a waterproof surface that prevents leaks from causing costly damage to your building.

Takes On Any Shape

Because EPDM is rubber sheets, it can be made to fit any shape. If you want to design unique features on your building such as a dome or other geometric shape, the EPDM roof will conform perfectly and blend in with the rest of the building. EPDM material can even be painted. It is naturally available in black or white, but if you want to paint the roof a different color to highlight a dome or raised area, you can do so without harming the material.

Requires Little Maintenance

One big advantage of this roofing material is that it requires virtually no maintenance. It does not have any granules that wear away, and it does not succumb to rot from moisture or UV exposure. It is fire resistant and withstands hail. However, since it is rubber, it can be ripped. Although it's unlikely to happen since there should be little foot traffic on your roof, if the roofing material does get a tear in it, it can easily be repaired by covering the rip with a laminated patch. Other than that, you may want to clean leaves and debris off the roof occasionally, but it shouldn't need much upkeep. This keeps the cost of maintaining your roof low.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Black EPDM roofing absorbs heat from the sun. This solar heating helps keep your building warm so you can reduce your heating costs. If you spend more money on air conditioning than you do heating, you should install a white EPDM roof instead. It reflects UV rays so the interior of your building stays cooler, and this will lower your cooling costs.

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