Considering Daylighting For Your Roof? Know Your Options

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Considering Daylighting For Your Roof? Know Your Options

13 December 2015
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When you decide that you want to redo your roof, one of the options you may be considering is installing some form of daylights in your roof. Daylighting is a roofing option that allows you to use natural light from the sun to brighten your home and make it feel more open, spacious, and unique in the process. Get to know more about the different styles of daylighting that you can use in your roofing design and create an entirely new-looking and -feeling living space in no time.


Skylights are, by far, the most common and the most well-known form of daylighting in residential roofing. This form of daylighting is essentially a small window installed in your roof. Oftentimes these windows are made up of a few separate components.

The window itself may be flush with the rest of your roofing structure, matching the pitch and angle of your roof. Then, a protective cover to help prevent moisture and heat transfer is placed over that piece and protrudes outward from your roof. These may be domed or splayed, depending on your aesthetic and light distribution preferences. However, skylights may also be built up from the roof of your house so that the entire window structure is above the plane of the rest of your roof.


Clerestories are an interesting and unique way to incorporate daylighting into your home design. A clerestory is a section of your home that is designed to rise above the roof of your home. The side panel of that raised area is composed entirely of windows, while the top is solid. 

This allows light to filter into your home like it does through your standard windows, but also from an angled vertical plane. The lighting effect can be quite widespread and effective. Clerestories also do not have the same leakage problems and issues that can occur with standard skylights because the windows are vertical rather than horizontal.

Clerestories can take more work to install than skylights if you do not already have tiered sections to your roof, as you will have to build up. However, the lighting effects and the reduced maintenance issues that come along with clerestories can make the extra effort and cost well-worth your while.

With these ideas in mind, you can better consider your options for roof daylighting. If you decide to move forward with the process, the next step will be to hire a roofing contractor like one from Drey Roofing to assess your roof and give you an estimate on the time and costs of adding daylighting to your home.