Little Known Secret To Save Time And Money On Emergency Roof Repair

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Little Known Secret To Save Time And Money On Emergency Roof Repair

15 December 2015
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During a rainstorm, homeowners may discover water damage seeping into their homes from roof leaks. Unfortunately, this is the busiest time for roofing contractors and there is likely to be a waiting list before determining and repairing the problem. However, there is a way to expedite the process while keeping the cost down.

Using a Roof Inspector in an Emergency

When in need of roof repair, few homeowners consider a roof inspector for a preliminary diagnosis of the problem. Many homeowners are under the misconception that they only inspect the condition and age of roofs during the buying and selling of real estate.

Although, inspectors do not repair roofs, their professional training enables them to specialize in identifying the cause of leakage problems. This can be an appreciated asset for the busy roofing contractor when they arrive at the door. Inspectors are usually quick in determining the cause and can generally offer inexpensive repair remedies instead of a roof replacement. 

Saving Money with a Roof Inspector

Business sense dictates acquiring more than one estimate or bid when involving major home repairs. However, when time is of the essence and interior home damage is at risk, it is not always prudent in taking time to do so. Hiring an independent inspector to assess the problem in an emergency saves time and speeds up the process. It will also pinpoint the exact cause and save money with unnecessary repairs.

Coordinate the Inspector with the Roofing Contractor

When making the appointment with the roofing contractor, ask if they have a recommendation for a certified roofing inspector. Inform them of the intent to identify the leakage source while waiting for the scheduled appointment. This will assist in narrowing the problem, expediting repairs, and minimizing expense.

Expertise without Hidden Costs

A water leak can be tricky to find, as it will not always align itself from damage to the source. For a flat fee, the inspector will thoroughly examine your roof, including all well-known problem areas such as:

  • AC unit

  • Skylights

  • Chimney

  • Solar panels

  • Fascia board

  • Eaves

  • Seams

Upon completion, the inspector will generate a detailed report of the roof's entire condition. Being prepared with the findings when the roofing contractor arrives to make repairs will accelerate the process.

In addition to having information on the necessary emergency repair, there is also an overall report on the condition of the roof. The report may additionally contain non-emergency recommended repairs to schedule with the roofing contractor in the future.

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