How To Hire A Great Roofing Contractor To Work On Your Home

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How To Hire A Great Roofing Contractor To Work On Your Home

16 December 2015
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Your home is your castle and must be well cared for in order to keep it in top condition. If you find that you have roof problems, you will want to hire the very best roofing contractor that you can find to repair your roof. Here are a few things you can do in order to validate that a potential roofing contractor is a skilled and conscientious technician: 

  • References - Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors for roofing contractor recommendations. Personal recommendations are invaluable when considering contractors to work on your home. You can also ask construction contractors in other fields and local businesses for roofing contractor recommendations. It is a good sign if you get two or three recommendations for the same roofing contractor.
  • Written Estimate of Repairs - Once a potential contractor has examined the problem areas of your roof, get a written estimate of repairs. Make sure that the estimate specifies all of the work that you wish to have completed. Confirm that the estimate includes all materials needed as well as all labor charges. 
  • License Verification - Ask your potential roofing contractor for a copy of his business license to confirm that he has one and that it is currently valid. To protect yourself, hire only licensed contractors. 
  • Better Business Bureau - Check with the Better Business Bureau in your state to see if there have been any formal complaints filed against the potential contractor you are considering. If there is a complaint listed, ask your potential contractor about it so that he can explain his side of the story. 
  • Client Review Websites - Research your potential roofing contractor online on review websites to find what current and past clients have to say about the work that was performed. When you find a good or bad review of your potential contractor, email or telephone the writer of review to get more information so that you can judge if the review is applicable to your situation. 
  • Written Signed Contract - If you hire a roofing contractor, be sure that both of you sign a detailed, written contract for work to be performed. Confirm that the contract clearly states that the estimated cost for the work to be done is binding and that there is a top dollar amount that you will pay in the event of unforeseen problems and expenses. Specify in the contract that all work to be performed will be in accordance with the applicable building codes in your state. Set a specified date for the completion of work. You and your roofing contractor should both sign this written contract. 

With a bit of research and detective work, you will be able to find a great roofing contractor to work on your house. The extra time and effort that you expend before you hire someone will allow you feel confident that your castle is good hands while it is being repaired. 

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