A Slate Roof Just Might Be Worth That High Price Tag

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A Slate Roof Just Might Be Worth That High Price Tag

17 December 2015
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When you see how much slate roofing costs when compared to options like shingles and metal, it's tempting to never give it a second glance. However, there's a reason slate roofs cost around $15,000 for the average home with a 1,200 square foot roof. They're a permanent option – the slate roof will probably outlast the rest of your home. Slate roofs also offer a number of other benefits that make them well worth their high price to many homeowners.

Slate is an eco-friendly choice.

It's hard to think of a material that's more natural than stone! Slate is a completely natural building material, which means there is little pollution associated with slate roofing tile production. When your slate roof is removed one day, you do not have to worry about it wasting away in a landfill and leeching toxins into the environment – it's just stone. Slate also reduces waste by reducing the number of times a roof must be replaced. Instead of having an asphalt roof put on and torn off every couple of decades, you can have one slate roof put on – and produce virtually no waste whatsoever.

Slate won't require a lot of maintenance.

Asphalt roofs typically develop loose shingles as they age, meaning you either have to call a roofer or climb up there yourself. They can also develop mold and algae, or separate from the underlying roofing membrane if conditions are wet. Metal roofs need to be painted and rust-proofed. Slate roofs don't have any of these issues. They are exceedingly low maintenance, leading to lower costs and fewer hassles once they are in place. Once in a while, a slate tile might crack and need to be replaced, but this is a very simple task for a roofer to tackle.

Slate increases your home's resale value.

Put a little bit more money into your roof now, and you'll likely get it back when it comes time to sell the home. Home buyers love seeing a home with a slate roof, since they know they will never have to worry about a roof replacement or costly maintenance issues. Slate also has a very appealing look, which will help raise your property values especially if you have a classic Victorian or Craftsman house.

Before you say "no" to slate because of its high price, consider the benefits a slate roof will offer. In the end, you may actually end up saving money, thanks to lower maintenance costs and a better resale value, and you'll be doing the environment a favor, too. For additional information about roofing materials, contact a business such as Allen Roofing & Construction Inc