Three Situations Where An Eco-Friendly Roof Can Save You Money

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Three Situations Where An Eco-Friendly Roof Can Save You Money

18 December 2015
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Although statistics show that about 80% of American homeowners just opt for the traditional energy-sucking asphalt shingle roof, the roofing industry has recently been expanding to allow wider access to many more earth-friendly options such as metal roofing, tile, and slate. Even if you do choose asphalt, you can now select earth-friendly options like recycled shingles or lighter-colored shingles that reflect light better. A greener roofing experience doesn't have to cost more money, though. Here are three situations where you can save money by choosing energy-efficient roofing options.

1. During installation

If you install an eco-friendly metal roof, you'll need to invest more cash in it initially but you'll save a lot on future installation costs. This is because a metal roof lasts so much longer than a shingle roof that the overall cost over the lifespan of a metal roof is lower. You'll also pay less for the labor costs of having your roof replaced because the metal roof can last over 50 years, or about 2-3 times the life expectancy of a shingle roof (15-20 years).

2. During use

The best way to save money on an eco-friendly roof during use is by making sure it's a "cool roof" that reflects most of the sun's heat. Metal roofs can be easily adapted to this by painting them white or using a "cool roof coating" to help them repel thermal energy as well as light. Numbers vary based on your situation and the specifics of your roof, but some cool roofs can save up to 25% of cooling costs compared to a hot shingle roof of a dark color. If you decide against metal, other cool roofs that can save money during use include light-colored tile, slate, or even the lightest color of shingles you can find.

3. During replacement

When you do eventually replace your roof, choosing the eco-friendly option can save you money again. For example, dumping asphalt shingles in a landfill costs money, but recycling them is usually less expensive and may even cost no money at all. This puts the environmentally responsible option at a distinct advantage. Metal can be recycled too, and so can other roofing materials such as rubber roofing and concrete tiles.

As you can see, a careful homeowner can find savings to be had in eco-friendly roofing at every stage of use. Whether you base your eco-friendly roof on the affordability of cooling costs and disposal and the reduction of installation labor costs or whether those are simply a perk to you and you're doing it to help save the environment, these three occasions where an eco-friendly roof saves money definitely proves that environmentally responsible roofing isn't just for rich business owners. 

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