Best Time Of Year For A Roof Installation

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Best Time Of Year For A Roof Installation

22 December 2015
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Are you a homeowner with an old and possibly leaky roof? Are you wondering what the best time of year for a new roof installation would be? If your roof is already leaking, the best time to put a new roof on is now. If you have an old roof and need help deciding when to have a new one installed on your home, here is some information to help you decide:

Summer: Late summer and early fall are the busiest times of year for most roofing companies. By this time of year, it's starting to cool down and the rainy season is over for most of the country. These ideal conditions mean that roofing companies often have more customers than they can handle. If you contact one of these companies and attempt to schedule a roof installation during this time of year, you could wind up having to wait weeks for the project to proceed. As a result of high demands, many roofing companies raise their labor costs at this time. However, once the roofers arrive, the favorable conditions usually mean that the installation proceeds extremely quickly.

Winter: If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you may not want to have your roof replaced during the winter. But if you live in an area of the country that experiences little to no snowfall during the winter, this may be an ideal time of year for your roof installation. Because few people want to have their roof installation occur in the winter, you may find that winter rates for most companies are extremely low. These companies are often looking for projects that will help them pay the bills until the busy season returns, so they may be more willing to negotiate their fees.

Spring: Spring may not be the best time of year for a roofing installation because of the potential for rain. While the roofing company won't let your home interior get wet due to a sudden spring rainstorm, these storms may mean that your roof installation will take longer than it would at other times of the year. Despite this, early spring is often the last time to have your roof done before all the roofing companies raise their rates because of the busy season. If you're willing to sign a contract to lock in the rate and the exact date of installation, some companies may be willing to give you early spring labor rates for a late spring or early summer installation when rain is less likely.

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