Looking For Signs Of Roof Damage

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Looking For Signs Of Roof Damage

2 May 2016
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If your roof has been battered by hail, the damage caused by it may later cause problems for your roof that you will not want to delay in having fixed. While it is essential that you have your roof inspected once a year, this is often not enough. Also, if you have your roof inspected regularly, you will be able to document what the roof was like before and after the damage. This can then allow you to prove that the damage your roof experienced was because of the hail and did not simply already exist.

Check The Roof And Attic

Inspect your roof and attic for signs of water leakage. Any water stains that form on walls or ceilings are a sign of damage caused by the hail. Even if a storm does not involve hail, you should inspect it soon afterward because the damage caused by a storm can be minimized with a fast treatment.

Look For Signs Of Damage On The Ground

Before climbing on top of the roof, look for signs of damage to the roof from the ground. This can include missing shingles, dented metal flashings, mineral granules from asphalt roofing, metal shavings from a metal roof, and evidence of hail damage on other objects near the home, such as cars. If nearby objects are damaged, it is unlikely that your roof will be unscathed. 

Consider The Roofing Type

When inspecting the actual roof, the signs of hail damage will vary depending on the roofing type. For example, if you have an asphalt roof, there will be missing granules. If you have a metal roof, the signs of damage will be in the form of dents in the metal. Also, some building materials hold up better against hail than others.

Note The Storm Where The Hail Damage Occurred

Of course, you will know that your roof suffered from hail damage if you were there to witness it. If so, make sure to note the duration of the storm and the size of the hailstones. Witnessing the hailstorm is helpful because it can be difficult to determine whether damage was the result of hail or something else, since hail causes blunt impact damage that can be caused by other factors as well. The degree of damage caused by the hailstorm is affected by how strong the wind is. The size and density of the hail can vary also.

For more information, contact a professional who deals in roof repair from hail in your area.