Bad Tile Roof? 3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Think About Restoring Your Tile Roof

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Bad Tile Roof? 3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Think About Restoring Your Tile Roof

8 June 2016
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Clay tile roofs are beautiful, but they are also expensive to restore. It can cost up to $1,000 for every 100 square feet to install a tile roof, depending on the complexity of your roof layout and the exact materials you choose. The cost for replacing as asphalt roof, on the other hand, hovers at about $385 for every 100 square feet. As you can see, the cost for the former can get quite expensive, especially if you live in a large home. The cost for replacing a tile roof with an asphalt shingle roof is almost always cheaper. However, there are three reasons why you don't want to do away with your tile roof. 

Historical Accuracy

If you want to stay true to the style of your home as well as honor its historical roots, you will want to repair your tile roof rather than replace it with shingles. Not only are tile roofs beautiful, they are considered to be some of the main architectural features included in older homes. If you take away that feature, you take away a lot of the architectural detail, beauty, and historical accuracy. 

Recyclable Materials

Clay tiles are natural materials, which are very environmentally friendly. What's more, they are completely recyclable. However, that doesn't mean that you should take them down to your recycling center. You can recycle them yourself and reuse them on your new roof. As long as your tiles are in good shape and not broken, your roofing contractor can clean them up and use them for your new roof, which can save you a lot of money. This just isn't possible with shingled roofs where you have to replace materials each and every time you redo your roof. 

Roof Longevity

The average asphalt shingled roof lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance. Clay tile roofs, on the other hand, can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance. And when your roof does need redoing, you may not have to buy all new tiles. You may simply have to replace the underlay and flashing. 

As you can see, there are many good reasons to keep and restore your clay tile roof rather than replacing it with an asphalt roof. If you keep your tiled roof, you can stay true to the style of your home, enjoy a longer-lasting more durable roof, and recycle your old roofing materials and make them new again.