Special Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For An Octagon-Style House

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Special Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For An Octagon-Style House

14 July 2016
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Octagon houses are an architectural rarity that sprang up in some states during the mid-1800s. The homes get the name from the eight-sided geometric shape enhanced by the presence of a roofed wraparound porch. The typically two-story Octagon houses traditionally have a hipped style roof with a cupola protruding from the top.

Do you have an Octagon house that needs a new roof on the main roof, porch roof, cupola, or all three? There are a few special considerations to keep in mind while choosing roofing materials for this style of home and its many roofs. Here are some matters to discuss with your roof replacement contractors.

Do You Have a Tight Budget?

The hipped shape roof has one of the largest surface areas among the various roof types. If you also plan to put new materials on the porch roof and copula roof, the project requirements grow even larger. The surface area informs the amount of roofing material needed for the project and larger amounts of materials quickly add up to larger costs.

Working on a tight budget for the Octagon roofing project? Discuss asphalt shingles with your roof replacement contractors as a possible material choice.

Asphalt shingles have one of the lowest costs of modern roofing materials without sacrificing durability. The shingles can come dyed a variety of colors, which means there isn't surface paint that will chip or warp in the sun, and can come pressed to resemble the texture of wood shingles.

Does Your Home Have Wood Siding?

Octagon homes often had wood siding originally, and many homes have kept that material over the years of restorations. If your home has wooden siding, you might want to continue with the same material on the roof.

Wood roofing comes in two main varieties: shakes or shingles. The difference comes down to how the materials were cut from the cedar wood with shakes having a thicker, more textured cut and the shingles having a thinner, more compressed shape. Shakes can cost more but also offer added dimension to your roof shapes.

Shakes or shingles can come stained a variety of wood tones to either match or compliment the color of your siding. While the material does come with a weatherproofing sealant added, repeated exposure to freezing and sweltering weather can cause the wood to warp over time. Keep in mind that this roofing material might require a bit more upkeep and maintenance.