Revealing Big Secrets On How To Prolong The Life Of An Aging Metal Roof

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Revealing Big Secrets On How To Prolong The Life Of An Aging Metal Roof

6 August 2016
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That old metal roof may have served your home for many years, but once it starts to reach the end of its life, there is no doubt you will start to see more and more problems. Replacing your ailing metal roof as fast as possible is ideal, but may not be an immediate option financially. If there is no room in the budget just yet to have your roof replaced, there are a few things you can do to make sure the roof you currently have lasts as long as possible. Here are three big secrets you should know about prolonging the life of your aging metal roof.

Replace rusty fasteners with new ones.

It is not uncommon for a metal roof to start leaking around the fasteners. This is usually because the fasteners rust away and corrode often times well before the actual metal panels will. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in some good galvanized steel screws with rubber seals to replace the old fasteners. The rubber washer should be screwed between the bottom of the screw head and the roof for an added layer of water protection.

Paint the roof with a thick layer of exterior paint.

If you are positive you will be replacing your roof and just need it to last a little longer, you may be able to prolong its life just a little with some leftover exterior paint if you have a few buckets hanging around. Paint helps to stop corrosion in its tracks and will even fill small cracks, fissures, and pinholes to create a more water-tight seal than what the old metal is currently offering. If you have a thick, oil-based exterior paint, generously roll it onto the roof with a roller or apply it with a paintbrush.

Tend to roof debris immediately.

Fallen limbs, branches, and even leaves on an old metal roof can lead to big problems. Not only can the weight of some debris cause breakage or damage, the debris can hold moisture in place, which will just contribute to a corrosion issue. Even just leaving a heavy branch in place for a few days can make small problems much worse than what you would expect. So if you want your aging metal roofing to last just a while longer, make sure you become a super attentative homeowner and remove any visible debris as soon as possible. Talk to a roofer for more help.