Three Things You Can Do This Fall To Protect Your Roof Through The Winter

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Three Things You Can Do This Fall To Protect Your Roof Through The Winter

27 September 2016
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Fall is here! It's time to start thinking about pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and of course… preparing your home for the winter. Your roof takes much of the brunt when it comes to winter wear. The freezing and thawing cycles, wet and heavy snow, and high winds can really take a toll on its condition. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do this fall to help protect your roof through the challenging season ahead.

Clean your gutters.

You might reason that with winter coming, there won't be rain to flow through your gutters. However, there will be melting snow. If your gutters are not clear, the consequences can be grave. Water can build up in the gutters and then begin to refreeze on the edge of the roof. As it freezes, it can work its way under shingles and then expand, pulling them away from the base of the roof. When it thaws out again, that water may drip into your home. Often, leaks along the edge of the roof end up dripping down between your exterior and interior walls, so the water damage is hard to repair. Clean your gutters out – it's a lot easier and cheaper!

Trim any trees near your roof.

Once the snow falls or you're hit with an ice storm, those tree branches will have to support some extra weight. If the snow or ice weighs them down and causes them to snap, you might be dealing with hole in your roof in the middle of winter. That's nobody's version of a winter wonderland. So, hire a tree care company to come trim any tree branches that are hanging over your roof or that even come near its edge. You can even do this yourself if the branches are small and you're comfortable on a ladder.

Nail down any loose shingles.

Stand on a ladder and look across your roof. Do you see any shingles with their edges beginning to lift or peel up? They may not be leaking now, but with a little snow and ice getting under the edge of them, they could soon begin leaking. Securing them is easier than you might imagine. Drive a roofing nail into the corner of the shingle. Use two if the entire edge is peeling up. Then, wipe a glob of roofing cement over the nail head. (Don't skip this step, or water will seep in around the nail.)

With clean gutters, trimmed trees, and secure shingles, your roof is ready to face whatever winter brings. For more information and advice, contact a local roofing company.