Why You Should Replace Your Atlas Chalet Roof

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Why You Should Replace Your Atlas Chalet Roof

26 February 2017
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Atlas Chalet shingle roofs were once a popular choice, but now, they are the bane of many homeowners' existence. If your home has an Atlas Chalet roof, now is the time to talk to a roofer about removing your existing roof and installing a new roof. These are a few reasons why.

They're Prone to Problems

There have been several class-action lawsuits against Atlas Roofing Corporation for its Chalet shingles. This is because the shingles are well-known for being prone to cracking, blistering and otherwise becoming damaged prematurely. If you haven't dealt with any problems with your Atlas Chalet roof yet, you should know that you might face them later on. Replacing your roof now can help you avoid a lot of headaches in the future.

An Atlas Chalet Roof Can't Be Repaired

Another big problem with the Atlas Chalet roof is the fact that these shingles have been discontinued. This makes it next to impossible for homeowners and roofing professionals to find replacement shingles. Therefore, even if just one or two shingles become damaged and have to be replaced, you're going to have to have your entire roof replaced. Planning for this so that you can do it on your timeline and when you have the funds for the project can be much better than being blindsided later on.

It Can Be Impossible to Find Insurance

Did you know that it can actually be difficult to secure homeowners insurance on a home with an Atlas Chalet roof? Some insurance companies have been known to cancel people's policies because their homes had Atlas Chalet shingles. Others have been known to deny claims that the homeowners said were legitimate. Since an insurance company generally isn't going to want to pay to replace an entire roof just because of a few damaged shingles, which is what is generally required with Atlas Chalet roofs, this can make getting coverage difficult. By replacing your roof with another type of shingle, you can help ensure that you can find the coverage that you need.

It Can Make Your Home Difficult to Sell

If you put your home on the market, you might find that it's difficult to sell due to the Atlas Chalet shingles. For example, the home inspector might warn potential buyers of the problems that go along with these roofs when performing the home inspection, or the new buyer might find that it's difficult or impossible to find insurance. By replacing your roof now, you can avoid this problem when putting your home on the market. Plus, a brand new roof can be a great selling point when selling a house as well.

As you can see, if your home currently has an Atlas Chalet roof, you might want to look into having the entire roof replaced. Luckily, this is something that a roofing professional can help you with, so contact a roofer in your area to find out more or visit a website like Atlantaroofing.com