How To Be Sure You're Hiring The Right Roofing Contractors

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How To Be Sure You're Hiring The Right Roofing Contractors

6 October 2018
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Whether you're dealing with a new install, having a building reroofed or seeking help with repairs, you may be wondering how you can be sure you've found the right company for the job. There's more to it than just dedication, but asking about these four aspects of a project will give you a better sense of whether you've found the right firm.

Types of Roofs

Most firms specialize in dealing with the needs of a handful of types of structures. For example, many commercial roofing companies only do work on large, relatively flat surfaces. Be very clear with the folks you're talking with about the roof in question, and ask them to come check it out if you feel they're a potentially good fit. You should also be aware that specific concerns about your building, such as a highly sloped roof or one with many eaves and valleys, may have a significant impact on the requirements for your project.

Roofing Materials

While the stereotype of the roofer is someone laying down shingles all day long, there has been a significant shift in the types of materials that companies work with in recent decades. Metal roofing has become very popular, and many systems, especially ones that use copper materials, call for specialized equipment and training. There are also more exotic options available, such as solar shingles, that may call for bringing in a contractor familiar with other areas of expertise.


Even when dealing with a fresh installation effort, there's going to be waste produced as a job moves ahead. The disposal of the waste usually calls for bringing in a roll-off dumpster, and you may need to obtain permits in order to keep a dumpster around during work. If you end up involved with an effort that calls for removing the existing shingles on a building, you should also be aware that dumpsters can only handle specified amounts of weight. Be absolutely clear in your conversations with roofing contractors about whether they'll need to acquire the roll-offs or if you will.

Find Out More

When talking with a firm, take the time to collect information about their insurance and licensing. Follow up by researching both through the agency in your state that regulates contracting work. Always try to refrain from making your decision exclusively based on pricing, as it's often better to pay more to deal with a quality company.

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