4 Things To Do Before Installing A New Roof

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4 Things To Do Before Installing A New Roof

29 April 2019
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You may need to put in a new roof over time. There can be damage to your existing one that simply can't be fixed. Are you experiencing more frequent water leaks or missing materials? If so, this may mean you should replace your roof much sooner than later. Keep in mind there are numerous things you can do that will make this process easier for you.

1. Find a place for your kids and pets

You may not want to leave your children home when the roofing job is being done. This is also true if you have pets inside of your living space. Having a place for both your children and your pets to stay while the new roof is being put in place can be helpful. Consider asking a friend or family member to keep both during this project.

2. Plan storage for your vehicles

Working on a roof can be a dangerous job and one where you'll want to put your cars in a safe place. If you do have a garage, you'll want to put these in this space. However, if you don't have a garage, it's ideal to at least take time to park your automobiles away from your home. This is essential to ensure that no roofing materials land on your house.

3. Consider waste disposal

There will be a lot of materials that will need to be moved after you have your roof put in place. It's likely the old roof will need to be disposed of properly. If your roofing contractor isn't doing this task for you, it's important to consider how you will dispose of all this waste. It may be a good idea to rent a dumpster to put in your yard on roofing day.

4. Remove branches

Doing a bit of yardwork may be helpful in keeping your new roof in good shape. Taking time to remove any long branches and limbs before your contractor shows up is a great idea.

You don't have to be overly stressed about having a new roof put on your home when you know what to do. It's in your best interest to prepare for this day by having a plan in mind.  You'll have a much greater chance of enjoying a good experience and have your roof correctly placed. Work closely with your roofing contractor for any other advice that may be helpful to you. Reach out to a company such as Premier Roofing Co to learn more.