2 Things To Install Or Replace On Your Roof This Year

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2 Things To Install Or Replace On Your Roof This Year

20 October 2020
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If you're getting ready to remodel your home or make changes to it, don't forget to work on your roof as well. Unless something devastating happens to your roof, it may be the most forgotten structure on your home. However, leaks and other potentially harmful problems can develop in your roof over time. Below are two things you should consider when deciding on roof replacement services this year.

Chimney Cricket

If you have a large chimney on your roof, it should have a chimney cricket (or saddle) installed behind it. A chimney cricket is a small triangular-shaped structure or type of flashing that fits directly behind a chimney. The structure does several important things:

  • diverts water away from the base of the chimney 
  • prevents leaves and other debris from building up behind the chimney
  • keeps snow from encasing the back of the chimney

If the chimney cricket is rusted, broken, or even missing, it can't do any of the things mentioned above. You can protect your roof and secure your chimney by having a roofing contractor replace, repair, or even install a cricket behind it. 

In addition to a chimney cricket, your roof should also have protective gutter aprons on it.

Gutter Aprons

Gutters catch and move water away from the edges of your roof. If your gutters are open, bird feathers, insects, and leaves can also fall into them during the year. The debris can eventually prevent water from entering and leaving your gutters when it rains. To keep your roof safe from water damage and gutters free of debris, have a roofer install aprons on your gutters.

Aprons are thin sheets of metal that fit over the tops of your gutters. The devices do several things:

  • keep rainwater and melting snow from flowing behind your gutters
  • guide water directly inside your gutters
  • create extra space over your gutters

A roofing contractor will need to clean out your gutters before they attach aprons to them. A contractor may also need to repair portions of your gutters before the installation. The gutters should be clean and strong enough to support the weight of the aprons throughout the year.

If a roofer finds problems in the boards behind your gutters, they'll either replace the boards or repair them. A contractor will alert you about the repairs or replacements before they begin. 

You can learn about chimney crickets, gutter aprons, and other roofing necessities by contacting a roofer today.