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Keeping Your Roof In Decent Shape

After listening to a few friends of mine complain about the cost of replacing their roof, I realized that I should make sure that my own roof was in decent shape. I climbed up on a ladder to see if I could see the shingles, and things weren't looking very pretty. Some patches of shingles were missing entirely, while others looked badly damaged. Fortunately, I caught the damage early enough that experts could patch up the issues. However, since roofing damage isn't always obvious, I decided to put up this website so that others can spot trouble of their own.


2 Ways To Drain Water Off A Large Dormer Roof

14 December 2015
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Dormers are architectural protrusions that add extra living space and light to the upper level of your home without the need for an entire extra story. Dormers emerge from the main roof of your home but also have roofs of their own which can be a different shape than your main roof. While it's obvious that your main roof needs a gutter system to safely carry water away from your roof and your home's foundation, it can be less obvious that a dormer roof needs its own solution. Read More …

Installing a Green Roof

14 December 2015
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There are many advantages, both financial and environmental, to installing a green roof. However, getting a green roof  involves covering the roof with a waterproof membrane and adding soil and vegetation to the roof. If you intend to perform the work yourself, you should at least have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor to determine if the roof is structurally sound enough to handle the additional weight involved in adding soil and plant life to your roof. Read More …

Considering Daylighting For Your Roof? Know Your Options

13 December 2015
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When you decide that you want to redo your roof, one of the options you may be considering is installing some form of daylights in your roof. Daylighting is a roofing option that allows you to use natural light from the sun to brighten your home and make it feel more open, spacious, and unique in the process. Get to know more about the different styles of daylighting that you can use in your roofing design and create an entirely new-looking and -feeling living space in no time. Read More …

Why An EPDM Roof Is A Good Choice For Your Commercial Building

12 December 2015
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If you're planning a new building for your commercial operation, one thing you have to consider is the type of roof you'll install. Since commercial buildings are usually large and have flat or low-slope roofs, a typical shingle roof is not suitable. Instead, you may want to consider an EPDM roof. This is a rubber material made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomer. Here's why it's a good choice for commercial buildings. Read More …

What Can You Do About An Ice Dam In The Middle Of Winter?

11 December 2015
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Ice dams form when melting snow on the top of the roof dribbles down to the eaves and re-freezes. When this happens, a traffic jam of ice begins to take shape. Some of this ice takes the shape of icicles hanging over the side of the home, while the rest of the ice backs up onto the roof and under the shingles. Eventually, that ice melts into the attic, causing water damage. Read More …