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Keeping Your Roof In Decent Shape

After listening to a few friends of mine complain about the cost of replacing their roof, I realized that I should make sure that my own roof was in decent shape. I climbed up on a ladder to see if I could see the shingles, and things weren't looking very pretty. Some patches of shingles were missing entirely, while others looked badly damaged. Fortunately, I caught the damage early enough that experts could patch up the issues. However, since roofing damage isn't always obvious, I decided to put up this website so that others can spot trouble of their own.


Best Time Of Year For A Roof Installation

22 December 2015
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Are you a homeowner with an old and possibly leaky roof? Are you wondering what the best time of year for a new roof installation would be? If your roof is already leaking, the best time to put a new roof on is now. If you have an old roof and need help deciding when to have a new one installed on your home, here is some information to help you decide: Read More …

3 Tips For Protecting A Roof In The Winter Months

22 December 2015
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Roofs put up with various weather elements throughout the year, but few things can be as damaging to a roof as heavy snow and the build up of ice. If you're a homeowner who lives in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter season, there are several things that you can do to prevent ice dams and the accumulation of too much snow on the roof. A little bit of preventative effort can go a far way to keeping your roof safe and preventing expensive damage. Read More …

Did You Have Ice Dams Last Year? Take Action Now To Prevent Them This Winter

21 December 2015
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Last winter, did you have piles of ice appear at the edge of your roof? Known as ice dams, these accumulations of ice can cause a range of roofing issues, from bent gutters to loosened shingles. Many homeowners with ice dams end up with leaks and ceiling damage throughout the winter months. Luckily, there is still time to take action and keep ice dams from forming on your roof this coming winter. Read More …

Do You Know When Your Roof’s About Had It?

19 December 2015
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When was the last time you thought about replacing your roof? Having a new roof installed should be considered a proactive step when it comes to home maintenance, but many homeowners have little to no idea of when their current roof has reached the end of its life. Aside from the obvious leaks, there are several other ways you can tell if and when it's time to replace your roof. Read More …

Three Situations Where An Eco-Friendly Roof Can Save You Money

18 December 2015
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Although statistics show that about 80% of American homeowners just opt for the traditional energy-sucking asphalt shingle roof, the roofing industry has recently been expanding to allow wider access to many more earth-friendly options such as metal roofing, tile, and slate. Even if you do choose asphalt, you can now select earth-friendly options like recycled shingles or lighter-colored shingles that reflect light better. A greener roofing experience doesn't have to cost more money, though. Read More …