Keeping Your Roof In Decent Shape

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Keeping Your Roof In Decent Shape

After listening to a few friends of mine complain about the cost of replacing their roof, I realized that I should make sure that my own roof was in decent shape. I climbed up on a ladder to see if I could see the shingles, and things weren't looking very pretty. Some patches of shingles were missing entirely, while others looked badly damaged. Fortunately, I caught the damage early enough that experts could patch up the issues. However, since roofing damage isn't always obvious, I decided to put up this website so that others can spot trouble of their own.


The Best And Worst Commercial Roofing For A Flat Roof In Need Of More Drainage

28 October 2016
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Businesses both large and small tend to have a similar roof styles despite any other architectural differences. Flat roof styles abound on commercial properties since the roof doesn't detract from the rest of the building and allows for the installation of practical rather than stylish and expensive roofing materials. A flat roof does have a slight slope to help with drainage, but rainy areas might receive enough regular precipitation for the slope to become overwhelmed, which would leave your business' roof with potentially damaging standing water. Read More …

What To Know Before You Clean Your Tile Roof

24 October 2016
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If your tile roof is covered in algae and dirt, you can improve its appearance by having it cleaned. Tile roofs last for decades, so there is no need to replace it just because it looks bad if your roof still has several years of life left in it. Cleaning a tile roof yourself can be tricky. It might be worth the expense to hire a professional to do the job. Read More …

3 Choices Of Roofing Materials That Can Replace Asphalt Shingles And Last

29 September 2016
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When it comes time to replace the shingles on your roof, you may want to have an alternative roofing material that can last and will not be a regular maintenance expense for your home. For these reasons, you may want to consider a different solution for your home. Here are some of the best choices that you can have installed on your home for a long lasting, durable roof: 1. Synthetic Rubbers In The Form Of Composites, Slates, And Shakes Read More …

Three Things You Can Do This Fall To Protect Your Roof Through The Winter

27 September 2016
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Fall is here! It's time to start thinking about pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and of courseā€¦ preparing your home for the winter. Your roof takes much of the brunt when it comes to winter wear. The freezing and thawing cycles, wet and heavy snow, and high winds can really take a toll on its condition. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do this fall to help protect your roof through the challenging season ahead. Read More …

Three Easy Ways To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

20 September 2016
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When you're on the prowl for ways to save energy that are easy to do and easy on your wallet, replacing your roof probably isn't on the menu. But that doesn't mean you can't reduce the amount of heat gain through your roof in order to reduce your AC energy bills.  Both homes and commercial buildings can benefit from tips and tricks that will cost a lot less than a replacement and pay big dividends in reduced heat gain. Read More …