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After listening to a few friends of mine complain about the cost of replacing their roof, I realized that I should make sure that my own roof was in decent shape. I climbed up on a ladder to see if I could see the shingles, and things weren't looking very pretty. Some patches of shingles were missing entirely, while others looked badly damaged. Fortunately, I caught the damage early enough that experts could patch up the issues. However, since roofing damage isn't always obvious, I decided to put up this website so that others can spot trouble of their own.


What Every Homeowner Should Know About Closed-Cell Spray Foam Roofing

2 December 2019
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If you are in need of a new roof on your home, you should definitely consider using spray foam roofing. Here is what you need to know using closed-cell spray foam before you decide to use it for residential roofing.  Foam Is Applied As A Liquid What makes spray foam roofing so unique is how it is applied. The foam materials come as liquids that are stored in canisters and then combined to create the spray foam material. Read More …

New Roof Installation And Choosing Your Roofing Materials

17 July 2019
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If you have a roof that has consistent leaks and that is no longer protecting your home, it's necessary to have a new roof installed on your home. With a variety of materials to choose from, you don't just have to go with what is already there on your home. Talk with your roofing specialist about the benefits of asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate, or even stone-coated steel for your roof. Read More …

Important Things to Consider When Hiring Roofing Companies

22 May 2019
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The roof of your home should last at least ten years, so when it's time to replace it, you want to find reliable roofers, who you can depend on to get the job done correctly and efficiently. There are numerous roofing companies to choose from, so it's important that you take your time when choosing the company to put a roof on your home. So, once you narrow down your choices, how do you decide which roofing company is going to be the best choice for you? Read More …

4 Things To Do Before Installing A New Roof

29 April 2019
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You may need to put in a new roof over time. There can be damage to your existing one that simply can't be fixed. Are you experiencing more frequent water leaks or missing materials? If so, this may mean you should replace your roof much sooner than later. Keep in mind there are numerous things you can do that will make this process easier for you. 1. Find a place for your kids and pets Read More …

Are You Checking For Roof Damage? 3 Things To Check That Go Beyond Just The Shingles

27 March 2019
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When it comes to roofs, many homeowners simply look at the shingles to check for damage. While it is true that the shingles make up one of the largest portions of the roof, you should also be aware that there are other components that protect the structural integrity of your home. As you perform your regular home maintenance check, be sure to check these three components that are also vulnerable to damage that requires repairs. Read More …